Created in 2001 by Life Choices of Dyersburg, Right Choices is a character development program for teens in grades 6-12. Using an abstinence based curriculum, a healthy relationships curriculum, and a character building curriculum, Right Choices educates students within the public school  systems about the consequences of at risk behaviors such as sexual activity, alcohol use and drug use, as well as the benefits of healthy relationships in all aspects of life, the importance of long-term goals and the benefits of positive character traits.

Though functioning as an arm of Life Choices, Right Choices is not a ministry, and complies with the legislative definition of abstinence education in Section 510 of Title V of the Social Security Act. Right Choices was funded until September 30, 2010 the CBAE (Community-Based Abstinence Education) Grant through the  US Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families. The Right Choices formal education program is funded through a community-based abstinence education matching grant through the Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services. The Right Choices peer mentoring program is funded through a multi-state partnership grant with FRIENDS FIRST of Littleton, CO through the United States Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Right Choices (A Division of Life Choices)

We envision a community where no one regrets the life choices that matter most. 
Impacting lives, one decision at a time.


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