School Testimonials

Haywood County


When Right Choices began their education program in Haywood County, we had a teen pregnancy rate of 22.1 per 1,000. Since then we have seen a steady decline in this number to 14.1. This is a tremendous victory for our schools and our community. I truly believe [Right Choices] has played a HUGE role in the decline of this number.

In discussion with one of our teachers, they mentioned observing Right Choices and noticing the students opening up and truly responding to the educators. I want to commend you and let you know how much you mean to us in Haywood County.




Sharon Thornton

Haywood County School System

Coordinator of School Health


Dyer County


As the current coordinator for the Coordinated School Health program for the Dyersburg City School System and as the former West Tennessee Director of Community Services for the Tennessee Department of Health, I wanted to commend the work done by Right Choices of West Tennessee. I have seen an improvement in the teen pregnancy rate in west Tennessee.

When I first began as a Public Health Educator in Dyer County twenty years ago, the number of teens who got pregnant in Dyer County hovered at approximately 50 teen pregnancies per year. In recent years the rate has declined to approximately 30 to 35 per year. The rate is still unacceptable, but we are making strides.

I can attribute the decline to better services offered by the public health department, better health education in the public schools, more public school nurses, and the programming of the Right Choices program of West Tennessee.




Nancy Deere

Dyersburg City Schools

Coordinated School Health