In Their Own Words…


Healthy Relationship Students


Right Choices has changed my life greatly. Right Choices came to our school and talked to us about sex and why it is important to wait until you are married. They also taught us about life choices and what we want and should do with our life. I like Right Choices and plan to follow the example they are setting.”  ~ Middle School Student

“Right Choices has affected my life in numerous ways. It has made me think more about the choices I will make, the paths I will walk, and how I have a different perspective on things. There are many different ways that I can choose to go in life. Since Right Choices has come along my perspective has changed. I had never thought about how decisions can alter a person’s life. One little decision can affect everything else that happens in your future. Since coming in contact with Right Choices, I am more aware of how I can strive to think about the choices I will make in life, that paths I will walk into, and my perspective on things. Right Choices helped me change my future.”  ~ Middle School Student

“Right Choices has drastically affected my life. The first time I went, I was really nervous. I didn’t know how to act. I wasn’t used to talking about things like that. Since I have begun Right Choices, it has actually helped me to make right choices in my life. The people there helped me appreciate being healthy and having lots of things more. Some of the things we talked about were STDs, smoking and drinking, giving into peer pressure, and how hard raising a child before marriage is.”  ~ Middle School Student


Peer Mentoring Students


“I have been provided with the opportunity to become an effective role model in someone’s life to help them reach their full potential and guide them in the right direction, and I dare not let that go to waste.” – High School Student

When asked, “What is your top priority?” a Mentor responded, “To make sure my mentees have the right tools and mindset they need for their high school years that will flood over into the rest of their lives.” ~ High School Student

“Being in the Right Choices program has been amazing. I’ve met new people and seen people in a different way. I’ve made good friends. People in this program actually care about each other. Some times that is all I/anyone needs. I intend to keep participating in this program and slowly … changing the lives of others. Much love, A mentor out of many.” ~ High School Student

“To me Right Choices means multiple things. It means learning new things and making new friends, improving yourself, and working towards your goals. Thank you for showing me a great time and new thing.” ~ High School Student

“Thank you. Ever since I’ve been in this I’ve managed to make good choices.” ~ High School Student

“This program has shown me a lot of responsibility and courage that no matter what the situation is, there’s a positive outlook.” ~ High School Student

“It means a lot to me to be a part of something like this.” ~ High School Student